Fence Styles


Horizontal fence - a modern design. Contact Colorado Fence Pros for your free quote.

This modern fence style is created by installing the fence slats horizontally. This linear presentation has the advantage of making the property appear larger. The simplicity also complements natural landscaping. It is well suited to sloped properties, allowing for a terraced design.

Horizontal fence - a modern design. Contact Colorado Fence Pros for your free quote.

This fence is ideal for privacy, as the slats can be installed close together. Because of the beauty and versatility of horizontal fences, they are best suited for backyards or patios and on sloped or terraced property.


Stockade fence - privacy and traditional style. Contact Colorado Fence Pros for your free quote.

This fence is a popular economical option for many property owners. These can be built with individual planks, or with prebuilt sections, both in conjunction with corner posts.

Stockade fence - privacy and traditional style. Contact Colorado Fence Pros for your free quote.

This fence style has no gaps between slats, so it is perfect for privacy. Pets and children can be contained safely with this fence, with a range of suitable heights to select from. Other benefits include reducing the noise from traffic or serving as a windbreaker.

This fence is a great option for families or pet-owners, or those who just desire a little privacy.

Slip Board

Similar to the split-rail fence, this fence style offers versatility and easy maintenance. Functionally, this fence can contain livestock. Aesthetically, this style offers a more streamlined and consistent look than the split-rail.

This fence is a simple and beautiful option for estate owners and larger properties.

Split Rail

A familiar sight to rural communities, this type of fence is known for its ability to be erected on almost any landscape. The rails are made by splitting timber logs lengthwise. The vertical posts have holes (also called mortises) drilled into them where the rails can be set. The fence requires no nails or hardware to build.

Though the split rail fence requires more timber than other fences, the style makes it easy to move or repair. Split rails come in several styles, and can be freestanding or placed in the ground.

These fences are best suited for horse-keeping, or as decorative rustic-style fencing.


If your aim is security, a metal fence may be the way to go. Styles range vastly from the functional chain-link fence to an ornate decorative fence. These are effective at keeping pets and property secure and deterring trespassers.

This type of fence requires very little maintenance. Materials used today are primarily steel and aluminum. Aluminum is a cost-effective choice as it is lighter than steel and is also rust-resistant.

This fence is superior for providing long-lasting, low maintenance security for any property.


Vinyl fencing is a product of the modern age. This versatile fence has many advantages over traditional wooden fences. It is UV protected, meaning it will not become discolored over time. It is made with nontoxic materials, and fully recyclable, making this a great option for families and pet-owners.

There are numerous styles to choose from – vinyl comes in pickets, panels or lattice, offering endless design options. Urban property owners may also enjoy the benefit of this fence being resistant to graffiti, as paint washes easily off the surface.


Sometimes property owners want to make a statement, and a traditional style just won't do. With a little creative vision, a custom fence can provide just the aesthetic you need to make your space truly unique.

Custom fences - Showcase your unique vision. Contact Colorado Fence Pros for your free quote.

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